Katy was fantastic! She taught good truth in a unique and memorable way. She was vulnerable, approachable, genuine, transparent and engaging. I could listen to her for days!

If you would like Katy to share Beautiful Brokenness with your group, large or small, please use the contact form below. Katy is very comfortable with large and small groups and with various formats. Her specialty is helping God's children see Him in everything. "My ears had heard of You, but now my eyes have seen You ..." Job 42:5

Katy has shared Beautiful Brokenness with thousands of people through retreats, demonstrations, and video presentations. Horse facilities are not necessary.

Fees are negotiable ~ based on your resources. Please don't let money be the reason you don't reach out!

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Katy's deep, personal relationship with Jesus was evident as she prepared for her time with us, as she spoke and as she worked with Scooter and Lily. The picture of Katy and Scooter will be one that I remember forever as a beautiful picture of God's love, patience, and acceptance of me. 


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"Beautiful Brokenness is one of the most powerful ministries I have ever encountered. Katy helped me see how broken many of my old misbeliefs about God  wereand helped me rebuild my belief in Truth."  Ginger DeRoche, retreat participant