Joy in the journey! That is what I believe brokenness is about. What if God is committed to breaking the walls and chains that keep me in bondage? What if He is able and sufficient to accomplish this, no matter what occurs in my life? What if Jesus really is my Life? Not just my Savior, not just my Lord, but my very Life?

I have worked with kiddos since I was just a teenager myself. The biggest issue I have seen with the discipleship process for God's kids (of all ages) is the struggle to make sense of what relationship with the God of the Universe looks and feels like. If I do not recognize and receive His love, and His invitation to dance, I will likely miss His Heart for me. I may even believe that I am on my own "down here" on this tired planet.

If we do not understand that we have been rescued by Jesus, redeemed by Jesus, and that Jesus (as the author and finisher of our faith) is in the process of reconciling me to His Life, I might be tempted to believe that I am on my own to meet my God-sized need.

Horses have helped me see and receive the Truth in is this amazing scripture:  John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him will have Eternal Life.
The first part of this scripture describes a generic love (God loves the world ~ I love horses). The second part of this scripture describes a deeply personal love, (God loves me ~ I love Scooter). 

When I was 12, my beloved horse Black Jack contracted a virulent disease called African Horse Sickness. My vet warned me that his death was almost certain. My parents and a group of missionaries (we were living in Botswana) gathered around me and prayed for me and Black Jack. When I returned to the barn the next morning, I found a healthy horse!

The vet had no explanation.

But I did.  My little twelve-year-old heart knew and believed, in that moment, that God is real. God is powerful. God is good. Abba continues to show me His heart for relationship and freedom through everything, and very often, through horses.

The picture above is me ~ Katy Pistole ~ with my beloved Arabian gelding named Scooter. Scooter is a beautiful picture of a rescued horse who has moved from fear to trust. Scooter belongs to me now, and because of me, is now totally safe, loved and secure. His previous owner and the abuse Scooter sufferedis no longer part of his experience. 

But how does healing from trauma occur? And what does this have to do with ministry? Or brokenness?

Like Scooter ~ and hopefully like you, I was rescued from a previous owner. The World. The World beat me up and chewed me out. I was in bondage, a slave, with no hope of escape. I needed Jesus to rescue me. And He did. My initial understanding was that Jesus had rescued me from Hell. Which is true. But escape from Hell is just the beginning. Jesus also rescued me from The World, from my dark and desperate thoughts, from my tired and broken emotions. Jesus rescued me from myself.

And He has used horses to change my broken paradigms about Him. Jesus has used horses to break the shackles of misbeliefThat is how brokenness can be beautiful. When Jesus breaks the walls around our hearts, well ... nothing is impossible. 

Our tagline, rescued, redeemed, reconciled. says it all. If you are in Christ, you have been rescued. PERIOD. You have been redeemed.You have been reconciled to His Life. It is all His deal, His work. We are the recipients and we get to either receive Him, or reject Him. He has created us to need Him.

I hope you will check out the rest of our website and register for The Brokenness Workshop. It is free and has already changed many lives.

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I want to start a revolution! Will you join me?

See you in the round pen!


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