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Cassandra is a beautiful draft/paint mare who was rescued from the PMU industry. Cassandra spent years of her life locked in a tiny stall, her body used to produce urine, a necessary ingredient in Premarin. Cassandra is still very much in the process of learning to trust humans.

Dreamsicle is a palomino QH/Welsh cross. At 43, Dreamsicle is our oldest horse, and in full retirement. He still loves to be brushed and hugged by the little ones who visit the farm. Dream has taught hundreds of students about horses. Dreamsicle has been with Katy for nearly 20 years.

Scooter is a chestnut Arabian gelding. Scooter was rescued by Katy years ago and is her dance partner extraordinaire.  When Katy first got Scooter he was unapproachable and terrified. Scooter's story is included inThe Horse of My Heart, published by Revell. Scooter is deeply loved ~ and knows it.

Our Horses

WhiteStar is a lovely QH/Appaloosa mare who was given to Katy years ago because her behavior was dangerous and unpredictable. Her owners loved her but did not understand how to connect with her. Katy very quickly saw the sweet horse who was living in terrible fear.

WhiteStar has been with Katy for 16 years now and is one of the kindest horses Katy has ever known.

​All of the horses at Beautiful Brokenness have been rescued from one thing or another.
​Here is a brief biography of each of our beloved horse partners.

Andy is a super fun appaloosa cross gelding. Andy was rescued from the Nursemare industry. Andy loves to jump and interact with people. He has been a wonderful addition to our Beautiful Brokenness family.

Miracle is a stunning black and white pinto with blue eyes. Miracle was rescued from the ponyskin industry. She was bred for her beautiful markings and was destined to become somebody's purse or coat. We are so grateful she is with us instead!