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Why Horses?


What do horses have to do with God’s relationship with

mankind? Jesus often referred to Himself as the
Good Shepherd.
I believe He spoke of sheep because they
were relevant to the culture. Horses are relevant to our
culture, particularly to girls and women.

There are so many parallels, but I will share just a couple.

When I rescued Scooter, I took him away from his abuser. I
brought him to my home 
where he was safe and secure. I
provided food and water and other horses for him. 

was unable to see any of this provision as coming from me.

When Jesus rescued me, He transferred me from the domain of darkness, into His Life. He did not leave me where I was, only to visit when things got really bad. He did not rescue me to make my old life better. He brought me out of bondage and made me His own. I knew I had been saved from Hell, but I had no idea what it meant to be reconciled to His Life.

I want Scooter to know that he is not just safe from Joe (the guy who beat him), I want him to know that he is loved and treasured. I want him to KNOW that he is safe and free forever from the bondage to Joe. I paid Scooter’s debt. I purchased him in a transaction he has no ability to comprehend. The transaction between me and Joe was on Scooter’s behalf, whether he is aware of it or not. I will not likely comprehend the magnitude of the price Jesus paid for me, this side of the veil. But my inability to comprehend does not minimize the magnificence of His sacrifice.

Jesus wants me to know and walk in the sufficiency of His redeeming power. He wants me to know and walk in His perfect provision. And as I do, I become more and more aware of His eternal presence in my life. I see my circumstance through a lens of fullness instead of lack.

For God’s children, the picture of my own children breaks down, because as a parent, I desire that my children grow up and become independent of me. Scooter, on the other hand, is utterly dependent upon me for everything. From the grass 
growing under his feet, to the water coming through the hose, he needs me. As our relationship matures, my horse comes into a greater and greater understanding of my sufficiency and provision. He wants to connect with me.

What is God interested in breaking for me?

The same thing I want to break for Scooter.

Lies. Misbelief. Fear.

And that is beautiful!