How can brokenness be beautiful?

I think it depends upon what is broken.

My name is Katy Pistole. I am the founder and Executive Director of Beautiful Brokenness Ministries, a horse-themed discipleship and teaching ministry for youth and women.

About 10 years ago I rescued a little chestnut Arabian horse who I named Scooter. The rescue and redemption (purchase) was just the beginning of our journey. I wanted my horse to know my heart for him. I wanted Scooter know that we were reconciled. I wanted him to know that he could trust me.

What if God is interested in breaking down our walls of unbelief? What if He wants to break the shackles of fear and bondage? What if that is what brokenness is about?

 Jesus has revealed Himself to me as my very Life. In the midst of pain and loss He convinced me that I am His. That because of Him I am a new creation. That He is my peace, my patience, and my sufficiency.

What is it I want to break for my horse?

The bondage of old lies about who I am.

Scooter has been rescued - like me. Jesus rescued me from the Domain of Darkness. Scooter came into our new relationship believing things about me that are not true - the same way I came into my new relationship with Jesus. Scooter operated out of mis-belief and this caused him great anxiety and pain, and the same thing happens in me when I believe lies about God.

I want my horse to know that my heart is good. That I am trustworthy, sufficient and able. And that I am for him.

Jesus wants me to walk in these same beliefs about Him.

And He is committed to revealing Himself to me as my very Life. Now that's beautiful! 

Beautiful Brokenness Ministries


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Ministry Definition

Beautiful Brokenness is a non-denominational, non-profit 501(c)3 organization which exists to communicate the believer’s union with Jesus Christ. A practical understanding of this oneness is crucial to everyday living. Beautiful Brokenness is committed to serving the community through discipleship, teaching and demonstrating the believer’s vital union and utter dependence upon Jesus ~ the only source of Life.